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Facts about hearing loss in children

Did you know?

  • 6 out of every 1000 babies are born with permanent hearing loss
  • 50% of babies born with hearing loss have no medical history placing them at risk
  • The average child born with hearing loss is not identified and fitted with hearing aids until at least 2 years of age

The most critical period for speech and language development takes place between birth and 4 years of age. Undetected and untreated hearing loss can lead to delayed speech/language development, social problems and academic difficulties.

What to look for!



  • Is startled by loud sounds
  • Is soothed by a familiar voice

Birth to 3 months

  • Turns eyes to search for location of sound
  • Imitates own noises ("Ba-ba", "Oohs", etc.)
  • Will notice rattles and other sound-making toys

3 to 6 months


  • Responds to own name
  • Will look around for source of sounds
    (e.g., dog barking, telephone ringing, someone's voice)
  • Will understand "No", "Bye-bye ” and other common words

6 to 10 months


  • Can point to or look at familiar objects or people when asked
  • Imitates simple words and sounds

10 to 15 months


  • Follows simple spoken directions
  • Has an increasing vocabulary of single words

15 to 18 months

  • Uses 1 to 2 word questions or phrases ("Go bye-bye", "More juice")
  • Can point to body parts or pictures in a familiar book when asked
  • Will listen to simple stories or songs

1 to 2 years


Don't wait! If your child does not fall within these developmental guidelines, contact ENT Specialists for a complete hearing evaluation. A child is NEVER too young to have their hearing tested.

Are you about to have a baby? Learn about the Georgia Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program.

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